Life today has become very complicated, psychology is in fashion! The world changes so quickly, one has to continually catch up and understand what’s happening; once upon a time life always flowed in the same way, like a street travelled down many times before.

The proverbs handed down from generation to generation could have helped us to give answers to many questions about daily life. So then, the question we ask is this: is the knowledge of proverbs still useful today? We think it is, in the sense that proverbs supply interesting and sincere advice, founded on experience.

Proverbs are the popular knowhow! Therefore we would like to present a list of a series of sayings linked to our archipelago.

Pearls of wisdom
Cu nasci tunnu un pò moriri quatratu.
It’s impossibile to change the character of a person.

Ogni lassata è pirduta
Missed opportunities never return.

I guai d’a pignata i sapi a cucchiara chi l’arrimina.
Whoever lives out their troubles personally knows them well.

Occhiu ca ‘un vidi, cori ca ‘un doli.
If you don’t see things you can’t verify them personally, and you can’t make things right.

Ogni testa è un tribunali.
Everyone thinks in their own way.

U suviecchiu è cumu u mancanti.
There is a limit to everything.

Mortu un papa, si nni faci n’autru.
For every problem there is a solution.

Vagnarisi prima di chioviri.
To be afraid or to anticipate.

Verba generalia non sunt ‘mpiccatoria.
A general discussion isn’t compromising.

Stuiarisi u mussu.
Who is easily pleased enjoys themselves.
Saluti e pani e cipudda.
It’s better to be healthy and poor rather than be rich and sick.

Months and the weather
Marzu marzia, quannu nesci caudia.
In March the weather is inconsistent but the sun is always warm.

Megghiu to mamma mi ti chianci, ca lu suli di marzu mi ti tinci.
The popular belief that the sun in the months with “r” makes you sick.

Innaru puta paru.
January is good for planting potatoes.

Frivaru tartucaru.
The (white)calm sea of February was ideal for capturing marine tortoises.

Giugnu pani ‘nto pugnu.
June is the month of harvesting.

Acqua i Giugnu ruvina u munnu.
June rain ruins the countryside.

Quannu l’aria è pecorina, o chiovi a sira o a matina.
Skies full of clouds shaped like sheep means a rainy day.

Cu zappa all’acqua simina o vientu.
To dig when it rains is a waste of time.

Austu e riustu è capu i ‘nviernu.
In August summer is considered to be over.
Di Santa Lucia a Natali u jornu avanza d’un passu i cani.
From 13th of December the days grow longer.

Colourful sayings
Essiri i casa e putia.
To have familiarity.
Purtari ‘nchianta di manu.
Highlight the qualities of a person.

Chioviri a ‘nzuppa viddanu
Indicates a steady but light rain.

Fari pulvirazzu.
To exaggerate.

Vidirisilla petra petra.
To have vicissitude.

Essiri friscu cumu na rosa.
To be fresh as a rose.

Caminari supa un cozzu i cutieddu.
To run a great risk.
Stari c’a funcia.
To pout or sulk or frown.

Vidirisilla i l’astricu.
To have vicissitude.
Iri arriedu cumu u curdaru.
To get worse.