Holy Friday
Processions of the VARETTE – take place on Holy Friday, along the streets in the centre of the city of lipari, the statues of the passion of christ are parared, accompanied by citizens and children who shake the traditional “TROCCOLE”

Easter Sunday
On Easter Sunday a procession and a meeting take place, in Piazza Ugo of Saint. Onofrio(St. Onofrio square), between the Madonna Addolorata and Christ risen, with the traditional flight of the doves.

Holy day of Saint Christopher
Festivities for Saint Christopher- take place in Canneto( the second largest suburb of the island) on the 25th of July.

Holy day of Saint Bartolomeo
Saint Bartolomeo- history and tradition. On the 24th of august on the island of Lipari the traditional festival of the Patron Saint, Saint Bartolomeo, is celebrated. “The story of his passion tells that the Apostle Bartolomeo became a martyr in the land of Asia.

After many years of his passion, having confronted a new persecution against the Christians, and seeing the pagans and all the people hastened to his burial offering prayers and incense, provoked by hatred , took away his body and, placing it in a lead sarcophagus, threw it into the sea saying: so you can no longer tempt our people.

But with the intervention of the providence of God, in his secret ways, the lead sarcophagus , sustained by the waters which brought it, from that place was transported to a small island called Lipari.

It was a true revelation to the Christians because they recovered it and once having extracted and buried the body, they built a great religious temple over it.

Now he is invoked in this sacred place where many people receive blessings and wonderful virtues from his grace”.