The 4 seasons at the Aeolian Islands, what is the best period?

We think the Aeolian Islands as a tipically summer destination, for relaxing holidays at sea. But in reality the Aeolian Islands have their charm in every season.

The tourist season at the Aeolian Islands begins with Easter and ends the last weekend of October.

For us, every season has its charm, even if the best time to visit  the Aeolian Islands is from early April to mid-June and then from early September to mid-October.

This is the period that reveals the most authentic image of the archipelago.



But how are the Aeolian Islands in spring?

Spring is certainly the best time to visit the Aeolian Islands. The light is blazing and the climate is mild. There are few tourists on the streets and everything has just been buffed after the winter break.

And in summer?

From June to September are the months of high season those always dedicated to the sea and to the evenings in the company of friends and relatives between parties, festivals and events. During the day the excursions, in the evening we meet each other for an aperitif and a walk.



The Aeolian Islands in autumn

In the months of September and October it is still time of sea. With a little luck to enjoy beautiful days. Towards the middle of September the island becomes much quieter, and it is easy to come across hot and sunny days where you can also swim or go boating. Shops, hotels and restaurants are open and most of the activities close for the winter season between October 20th to November 5th.



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