Island surface 9,5 square kms.
Island districts:

Ancient Phenicusa (rich in ferns), is the oldest island which is characterized by very interesting geo-volcanic formations. The coasts of Filicudi are an alternation of slopes, grottos and hill sides, which highlight the incredible wild nature of the island.

Of notable interest, along the periplus, is the neck formation “The Canna” with its neighbouring neck formations of Montenassari and Sgomento.

The “Canna” represents a neck, or rather all that remains of a volcanic conduit, the central part, the most resistant to the constant sea erosion.

There is also the characteritic Bue Marine Grotto, in which the movement of the sea makes a sound similar to that of a cow mooing. Having gone encounters the peninsula of Capo Graziano, a fascinating lavic part of the coastline on which lies the remains of an ancient civilization dating back to the Bronze Age.

After Capo Graziano you arrive at the Port of Filicudi, the tourist centre of the island.