Island surface 12,6 square kms.
Island districts:


The island of Stromboli has always represented the natural lighthouse of the Mediterranean, because of it’s perrenial volcanic activity. It has a characteristic shape of a reversed cone.

The periplus of this island allows the observation of its extraordinary and fascinating landscapes which are quite different from each other.

Going from residential towns of S. Vincenzo and S. Bartolo, characterized by typical cottages in Aeolian style with the rock formation of Strombolicchio in front, to the awe-inspiring image of the “sciara” del fuoco (stream of fire) extending down the side of the volcano into the sea. A night visit here is a highly moving experience as it is possible to observe the bursts of red fire created by the continual explosions of the volcano. Proceeding on your tour one encounters Ginostra, a tiny district studded into a vast natural amphitheatre: here time seems to stand still and the inhabitants live in an extremely peaceful natural habitat