Island surface 21,0 square kms.
Island districts:


Coming from Lipari one immediately encounters the peninsula of Vulcanello, and observing well the north-eastern side it is possible to admire a view of this volcano.

The circumnavigation of it takes us through the canal between the two islands. After, on the left hand side there is the Bay of Ponente with, at the entrance, the Faraglioni(rock formations) Piccolo (Small) and Grande(Big). Following on, the morphology coastline is characterized by a series of more or less wide bays.

In one of these ,immediately after the rock formation of Quaglietto, you can admire the beautiful Grotta del Cavallo( the Horse Grotto) with the Piscina di Venere (the Venus Swimming pool). Ahead there is the long beach, superimposed by a series of layers which indicate the different phases of the geovolcanological formation of the volcano-layer which constitutes the primordial volcano on the island of Vulcano.

The sight of the lighthouse indicates one has arrived at Gelso, an ancient fishing village, renamed for it’s splendid beaches. The section of coast further ahead, Point Bandiera (Flag Point), notably directly facing onto the sea, is fragmented only by a series of cute tiny beaches and a collection of stunning underwater grottoes.

Further on, the sight of Point Luccia means you are close to the port of Levante; though to the left you can notice the Bay of Valle Roia with the rock of the mermaid and the north-eastern side of the volcano ”La Fossa”.