Island surface 26,8 squares kms.
Island communities:
Island districts:
Once having reached the district of Santa Marina you can circumnavigate the island in an anticlockwise direction, encountering beautiful scenery, all different, but equally charming.

After the north eastern double peak of Capo Faro ,you arrive at Malfa, exposed to the north. Following on further you encounter a whole series of small glades, while the sight of point Perciato means you are coming close to the beautiful bay of Pollara with, at the centre, the rock formation of Faraglione.

The extremely high peaks directly facing onto the sea of Pizzo del Corvo indicate this section of coast as one of the most uneven in the Archipelago.

The south-eastern coast is also very spectacular with it’s marvellous inlets intermingling with the majesty of Mount Porri, interrupted by the port of the characteristic district of Rinella.

The circumnavigation continues following the northern part of the coast of Mount Fossa of the Felci, while the sight of the lighthouse means you are close to the district of Lingua, and further ahead one returns to the point of departure of Santa Marina.