Island surface 3,4 square kms.

Island districts:

The smallest of the seven Aeolian Islands presents the north-west side limited by jagged slopes,while the eastern side is decorated with wide terraces on which the towns are built.

Along the periplus you can admire some of the most stunning coasts of the Aeolian Islands. An important feature is the bay of Cala Junco, on the south side, renamed for its limpid waters and imposing prehistoric village of Capo Milazzo.

On the western side however, there is the striking slope of Pizzo del Corvo. A great collapse occurred here towards the sea on the part of the ancient volcano.

Of great interest and natural charm are a series of islets and rock formations which rise in front of the island.

The remains of the Roman period are represented by Basiluzzo and Spinazzola, small rock masses around Lisca Bianca, where the unique sea beds of the area are truly gorgeous.

Bottaro, Lisca Nera, Dattilo, the Panarelli and the Formiche(ants) complete the rock formation complex.