There are many culinary delights of the Aeolian islands thanks to the various peoples such as Greeks, Normans, Arabs, Romans, Spanish and British who have left their eating habits.

The Arabs brought the tasty couscous and sorbet, and tasty ice cream made of marzipan, honey, ricotta and candied fruit. Also good cold cuts and cheeses, especially the pecorino cheese produced in Enna and caciocavallo of Ragusa.

Special sauce is cooked with sardines, saffron, pine nuts, raisins and fennel. Space for swordfish cooked in a pan and blue fish used as a condiment for pasta. Typical are the “arancini” rice dish cooked in all Italy now.

Regional Wines

Wines D.O.C. of Sicily: White of Alcamo, Cerasuolo of Vittoria, Etna, Moscato of Faro, Marsala and Malvasia of Lipari.