Easter at the Aeolian Islands

There is a special moment at the Aeolian Islands: when the Arcipelago wakes up from winter hibernation and opens its doors for the summer.

This year Easter comes on April 16 and we can say that the first holiday of the year begins from here.

We cannot compare it to a summer vacation, but the Easter period is the first event of the year where you can enjoy the sea and the beach.

A spiritual and suggestive feast that gives us the opportunity to take a break from our daily lives and come in thoses places where we always wanted to go.

If you are looking for a place where to spend a few days during the Easter period then the Aeolian are for you.

Early spring is one of the most beautiful times to visit the Aeolian Islands: the flowers in bloom, the scent of orange blossom and the mild climate make a sweet and heady atmosphere.

If you choose to spend Easter in Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands, the hotel offer is very wide and for all tastes and budgets. In Lipari you can relax, you can play sports, visit the Aeolian Archaeological Museum and for wine and food lovers taste the local dishes.

The bravers can perform in the first baths taking advantage of the nice weather. Easter and Easter Monday are perhaps among the best times to visit the Aeolian Islands.

Here you can find the basic information on how to reach Aeolian Islands.